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How will you survive?
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Loosing battle... :icondragonactive07:DragonActive07 1 2 My name... is Hunter (complete) :icondragonactive07:DragonActive07 1 4 My name.... is Hunter :icondragonactive07:DragonActive07 2 19 Video Covers :icondragonactive07:DragonActive07 1 1 My BB-gun Ammo Box :icondragonactive07:DragonActive07 0 11 Meh...... :icondragonactive07:DragonActive07 4 12 Hunter's Armor :icondragonactive07:DragonActive07 2 14
One Day: Prisoners Song
Chapter 2         Prisoner's Song
   I opened the glass doors, walking briskly through the reception area, and in the staff only door. I made my way to my office, locking the door behind me. I sat behind my desk, turning on my PowerBook 170, and opening my emails. The first thing that popped up was an email from the Mayo Clinic, which was in my home-state of Minnesota. I started to read it, when I heard a rising thrum outside my prison cell overview window. I got up, and looked out the window, seeing all of the prisoners pounding in a rhythm against the steel bars of their cells.
   Down on level one, I could see 10 guards in a circle around a prisoner and a fellow guard. The two were in fighting stances, circling each other slowly. In grim realization, I realized what was going on, I hurried out my door, back through the reception area, fumbling with my keys to unlock the cell block door. It took my a bit, but I finally put the right key in the
:icondragonactive07:DragonActive07 1 2
Conterarmus Rex (colored) :icondragonactive07:DragonActive07 2 3 Conterarmus Rex (Lucia) :icondragonactive07:DragonActive07 3 13
One Day: Chapter 1
   It was November 15th, 1992. The sun rays shone through the shades of my bedroom window, waking me up as they gradually reached my eyes. I looked at my bedside alarm clock, and in the dim, golden light of the rising sun, I saw the hands of the clock pointing at 6 with the hour hand and 40 with the minute hand. I sat up, blinking a little before rubbing my eyes, clearing their lids of mucus that had built up during my sleep. I sat up, supporting myself with my hands, looking around at the large room. Decorated with only what I needed, and accessories my wife took her liking to, it was a shade of rather plain blue. The flooring beside my bed was covered with a pine green carpet which had my fluffy slippers on it.  
   I looked to my right, looking down at my beautiful wife, who was sleeping soundly. Her short  hair was, in my opinion, a pretty mess, with every ray of sunshine that shone on it making almost shine. Her facial features were rounded slightly,
:icondragonactive07:DragonActive07 2 19
On the Edge of the Dock :icondragonactive07:DragonActive07 2 10 The Storm :icondragonactive07:DragonActive07 12 13 Venotoraptor :icondragonactive07:DragonActive07 6 15 What I use to make my songs :icondragonactive07:DragonActive07 1 18 My playlist! :icondragonactive07:DragonActive07 1 4


:G: Hunter hunted - Alt. ending [VORE]
WARNING: This story contains:
Soft oral vore
Safe Digestion (Reformation)
Slight weight gain
If you like this story, please leave a comment or a favourite, I would really appreciate that! :heart:
A little gift for my friend Nobody, featuring his character Sandra the snake
Read the original (without digestion) ending here! :G: Hunter hunted [VORE]
The sun was setting, and it was time for Sandra to go to bed. She climbed up a tree, coiling around a thick branch. Sandra was a naga, a rare creature. A massive snake with a human intelligence, and an upper body that was typical of anthropomorphic animals. Beautiful magenta eyes, blue hair and nice sized breasts, what a magnificent creature! She was wearing a purple belly dancing out
:icongoldenskarmory:GoldenSkarmory 8 8
Pachyrhinosaurus speculative coat :iconraph04art:Raph04art 639 24
Mature content
overwatch meem 1 :icondovahthedragonborn:DovahTheDragonborn 12 13
Check out my lovely friend Ruby288
So me and Natasha Ruby288 have been through quite an interesting friendship and were even together at one point, she is dating another man right now and I am happy for her. :) Why am I bringing this up? Well it's because she is an awesome girl who deserves praise and has been off of dA for quite awhile, and I have decided to make this journal in the hopes of encouraging her to use dA again to express herself through art. She is a bad ass with talent and beauty that surpasses all expectation. She is a very creative woman with a passion for photography, singing, drawing, photo manipulation, history, scifi, and the military. Natasha is a tomboy with heavy streak of queen and princess in her and she is proud to show it.
She last uploaded a deviation in May of 2016 and I don't know how often she checks her Deviant ART account but I hope when she sees this journal it will help to inspire her to be the awesome woman that she is. So come on dA lets show her some support
:icongeneraltate:GeneralTate 3 18
beautiful sky :iconinhumanmanx3:inhumanmanx3 3 3
Mature content
The Twisted Six - Chapter 1: A Second Chance :icondovahthedragonborn:DovahTheDragonborn 14 23
Meme :iconbiscuit-the-bunny:biscuit-the-bunny 6 16 Saltuvenator :iconraph04art:Raph04art 217 4 Deinonychus pack vs Sauropelta :iconraph04art:Raph04art 441 15 Dinosaur Kings :iconraph04art:Raph04art 961 32 Dino Hybrid - Belial :iconraph04art:Raph04art 998 43 Dino Hybrid: Therospinax :iconraph04art:Raph04art 636 29 Dino Hybrid pt 2 - Belial :iconraph04art:Raph04art 887 30 DinoHybrids - Therospinax vs. Belial :iconraph04art:Raph04art 640 36
Mature content
A Really Clever Title: Chapter 1 :icondan3579:Dan3579 5 8



Does anyone want to take place as the head of Apocalypse writing?
I have some unfinished business. I need someone to take my place as head of a group, Apocalypse-Writing. 
Hey guys. Um.... I'm... deactivating... there is nothing left for me here on dA. If you want to find me elsewhere;

Skype: DragonActive07

YouTube: Argus Creations

soundcloud: Argus

Wattpad: AurtisticDragon

Snapchat: arguscreations7

facebook: Daniel Crockett

Loosing battle...
I'm the left guy, with only one dinosaur left. Place your bets who wins.
Hey guys, I need help with something. I'm making a new techno song called 'Drop the Bomb'. And I need an acronym for BASS... I made two, but I don't know which is better.

Ballistic Autonomous Sensorial Seismic bombs
Bombs of Absolute Sensorial Slaughter
Anyone wanna play Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 or Battlefield 4 on Xbox one....?
God I'm getting punched in the dick lately... the girl I was interested just said she was forcing herself to like me, and that she is gay...
I love it, when you are playing gun game, and someone is camping, who is horrible. Then to go behind them, wait for them to notice you, then knife their ass, sending them back. Then to see them camping again.. and do the same thing then they continue.., and you win the game
I'm fucking useless..... can't help my friends, or anything...... fucking hell...
Hurray, I'm being ignored on something I find really cool...... fuck it...
I'm probably taking down most of my songs, from YT and SC. Don't worry (if any of you even listen to my music), it's not permanent, it's just so I can fix them up a bit.
I'm applying for a Techno Record Group called 'Most Addictive'. I'm praying I can get in
Hey guys, I'm hoping to have a new techno song out. This one is going to be named 'Harvester'
I got a new air rifle! Hopefully I will be getting  another pistol by Sunday, as well
I have a new plan for my channel, so I can keep it active and different. Every Monday will be a vlog, Tuesday will be 'real talk', Sunday will be Narration (of my stories, and others who request), and the twelfth of any month (probably not monthly), will be music day, where I post new tracks/songs. And also, definitely monthly, on the 7th of every month, will be a q and a session
Hey guys, here is the video. I'm going to be making another one, with the new rifle I just got today, but that won't be till Monday, hopefully. Here is the video:
I'm doing requests for people's characters/fursonas. I will do requests for 3 people, and each person is entitled to 3 characters. I only have a few requirements :

1. It cant be anything with too much fur/hair (cats, long-haired dogs)

2. It can't be a human (it will end up looking like a mutated mess)
  • Listening to: Nickleback- Photograph
  • Reading: nothing
  • Watching: Official music videos
  • Playing: SaS: Zombie Assault 4
  • Eating: strawberries
  • Drinking: milk


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Derek Whitfield
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I am a writer. enough said. Musician and Gamer are also my chosen professions. I am autistic, diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome at a young age. I am also sure I have ADHD, though never diagnosed...
I am currently dating the most beautiful and kind girl in the world.... My bae.
I am protective of my friends, family, and girlfriend, so if anyone tries to hurt them or bully them, I will give you a war you won't believe (Rambo reference). So don't try it. I love being with friends, and hanging out. I am really outgoing, so feel free to talk to me. I might be awkward at first, but that is just the Aspergers.


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